The Louis P. Parsons Outstanding Contribution to the Horticultural / Nursery /Landscape Industry:

An award for someone who has been active for a number of years in working to make the  Horticulture/Nursery/Landscape industry better.  It is for someone who has helped direct our industry in a positive way by being active, supportive, and giving of their time and/or resources for the good of our state’s horticultural industry. A person who, over the years, has worked in nursery production or management, horticultural education and/or support, landscape installation and/or landscape management. Someone who, because of his or her pro-active efforts, has helped shape our industry into what it is today. This award is not given annual, it is only given when there is a deserving recipient. The nominees for this award can come from anyone who is an  member of our state industry,  the person does not have to be a current SCGIA member.

Outstanding SCGIA Member:

An Award for a SCGIA Member who during the past year has gone above and beyond in  at least of the following areas: time, talents and influence freely given to improve themselves and/or their business, their employees, our industry, our environment, our political clout on the state and/or federal level, and the public’s perception about our industry. Or to a person who has successfully overcome a specific obstacle in their business. Or through planning, design, installation, and environmental stewardship, been outstanding in their field or work. Or a Retail Garden Center owner, or employee of the garden center who has through display, new ideas, advertising, labeling, industry promotions, and a general overall neat, clean appearance been outstanding in their field. The recipient should be a company or individual whose professionalism, work ethic, and stability has supported and represented our state industry well.

Outstanding Horticultural Student:

An award presented to a student who is pursuing a degree in some aspect of the horticulture profession. A student who has excelled and stands out above and beyond others through grades, interest, participation, enthusiastic, self motivation, willingness to learn, and over all attitude.  The nominees for this award can be 2 or 4 year degree students. Nominations may come from teachers, professors, department heads, or if employed  their employer. 

Fellows of the South Carolina Green Industry Association

Purpose of the SCNLA Fellows:

To honor and recognize individuals for their contribution to the nursery and landscape industry in South Carolina.

To serve as a forum for fellowship and potential information exchange among long term SCGIA members who may no longer directly participate on the SCGIA Board of Directors.

To be used as a sounding board for current and long term issues, strategic planning and future direction of the SCGIA at the discretion of the current board of directors.


The Fellows will meet for a meal during the annual educational meeting or trade show.  The current president and president-elect shall be present to brief the Fellows on the prior year’s activities, current issues, and future plans of the SCGIA.

In the event the current board of directors requests an ad hoc committee to be formed, a rotating chair will be selected among those Fellows present at the meeting.

Criteria and Eligibility:

Election as a Fellow of the SCGIA is an honor.  A Fellow is recognized for contributions to the state horticulture industry and the industry as a whole.  The current recipient of the most Outstanding Contribution Award would automatically become a Fellow along with possibly one or two more individuals.

A Fellow must be an active member of SCGIA with at least 10 years of being active in our association.  Current board members are not eligible for election as a Fellow until his/her term expires.


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