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The SCGIA Certified Nursery Professional Program is a broad based program that covers a variety of industry topics.  Being Certified is a great addition to your re’sume'. Companies can use the test as a pay raise based achievement.

This is a 2-part test, Plant Identification and a Written test. Both parts must be passed with at least a 70% to become SCGIA Certified.

The test is given several times through out the year. There is study manual available for purchase but is not required. Many purchase the manual as a reference book or for employee training. It includes 2 CDs with color photos and descriptions of hundreds of plants used in the South.

The written test covers topics such as Plant Growth & Development, Soils, Irrigation, Landscape Design/Installation/Maintenance, Turfgrass Installation/ Maintenance, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers and more.

So what are you waiting for? Get Certified!

Certified Nursery Professional Manual

A comprehensive, original and up to date text on a variety of nursery and landscape industry topics. Designed to serve as a study manual as well as a reference book. Each chapter updated by Clemson University specialist and industry experts.


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