Boxwood Blight Quarantine effective February 4th, 2018


Tennessee Notifies SC of Boxwood Blight Quarantine effective February 4th, 2018.

At the request of Tennessee production nurseries Tennessee has instituted a Boxwood Blight quarantine. The rule is effective February 4, 2018. South Carolina producers that currently ship Boxwood spp. or Sarcococca spp. to Tennessee should contact Clemson Department of Plant Industry (DPI) immediately or their plants could be destroyed upon arrival after February 4th.

Boxwood Blight is caused by the fungus Calonectria psuedonaviculatum. Symptoms include leaf spots, stem lesions and premature leaf drop. The disease can spread rapidly in warm and humid conditions and currently fungicides merely mask the symptoms. Given the ease of contagion and risk of unknowingly moving infected material, Tennessee is establishing a quarantine for all material that may be capable of spreading boxwood blight.

The regulated articles include but are not limited to:

Boxwood plants and any material containing boxwood plants, e.g. compost, mulch, soil or waste

Sarcococca plants and any material containing Sarcococca plants, e.g. compost, mulch, soil, or waste; and, any equipment, shipping material, compost, mulch, soil, or waste not containing but otherwise exposed to boxwood or Sarcococca plants.

Regulated material being brought into the state of Tennessee is required to be accompanied by:

A phytosanitary Certificate and Compliance Agreement in accordance with principles of a boxwood blight cleanliness program/A participant in the boxwood blight cleanliness program.

For more information on how to meet these new Tennessee Certification requirements, please contact Negar Edwards with Clemson DPI at 864-646-2126.


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