Spring Start-Ups Add to Bottom Line and Sustainability

By Rob Simmons, Simmons Irrigation Supply


Given the fact South Carolina has endured one of the toughest winters in decades, Spring is around the corner, and its time to evaluate the irrigation systems in your current property maintenance inventory. Spring Start Ups of the irrigation system can add to your bottom line with additional revenue and potential sales opportunities, and help protect our natural resources.

Winterizing irrigation systems is not a common practice in all parts of our state, but extremely cold nights in some locations had the potential to freeze water trapped in above ground components such as backflow preventers, pumps, heads on risers and piping systems. These problems could become costly for a property owner if the leaks are bad enough and in certain cases, adversely affect the green-up of turf during the transition to spring and summer. Adequate coverage on your irrigation system is also paramount when watering-in fertilizers and pesticides – all reasons for the landscape contractor establish a plan for each property.

To begin, there are certain steps that need to be followed to ensure your system is up and running with ease and efficiency.

  1. Open the system mainline, meter, or isolation valve slowly to allow pipes to fill gradually.
  2. Verify proper operation of each station valve by manually activating zones from the controller.
  3. Walk through each station on the controller to check for proper operation – low pressure and poor performance indicates a potentially broken line or sprinkler). Adjust or replace heads as necessary.
  4. Program the controller back to automatic Spring watering schedules.
  5. Check and Clean system weather sensors.


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